"First Tooth" Party - (atamhatik in Armenian)

"First tooth" party (atamhatik in Armenian language)

(atam - tooth, hatik - grain/seed )

When a child’s first tooth falls out, Armenians organize a large celebratory event involving all the relatives, both children adults.

Celebrating the baby's first tooth is a long-standing tradition that has become an opportunity for adults to start the professional orientation and guidance of a child at its early age. Thus, in Armenia, kids are encouraged to think about their careers from a very early age.

For the preparation for the event, the organization of the event is well established: women are preparing sweets, candies, and a very special thing for this occasion: honey syrup fried wheat grain. The variety of corns is linked with strong teeth, and sweets are prepared in anticipation of a child’s sweet life.

Gathering of different objects that characterize a profession, such as stethoscopes (doctor), pens (writer), xylophones (musician), brush/paints (artist), microphones (announcer), spoons (cook), money (bank employee), etc., ensues. Usually some of these objects are brought by relatives as they care about the child’s future. Modern parents prepare special cards with pictures and names of professions, or small boxes that have a name of a profession inside.

When all the guests are gathered, the baby is put on a carpet or in the middle of the table surrounded with sweets. Then an adult (usually a mother or a grandmother) sprinkles sweets on the child’s head, singing a special song. Sometimes a cover (i.e. umbrella) may be placed above a child’s head keeping it from being scared. The entire event is dedicated to a child’s sweet, prosperous and happy life.

Parents then place the prepared objects in before the child. The first thing it takes will define his/her profession in the future.  Then they serve a tooth-shaped cake and cookies, thus decorating the festive table.   Image source: https://www.gilas.am/holiday/atamhatik/

On this day, the child is called by the profession of his choice; such as "how is our little singer?", "how smart is our doctor!", or “look, how our cookis trying the food!"…

It is a very happy day, which can last for a lifetime, since some relatives
have a "good memory."

This entire day is spent with friends and relatives around the happy party table and, of course, the child is at the center of attention.

Image source: https://www.gilas.am/holiday/atamhatik/

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