Storks don’t bring a dad

I am a child of divorced parents. While some children of divorced parents often have the opportunity to see the parent who did not receive custody, this was not the case with me. Personal life experience has shown that the father is a very important figure in the growth of every child. My mother has played the role of both parents successfully. Still, storks don’t bring a dad...

Here, I now publicly admit that my children have a wonderful dad. I have a wonderful husband. No, he didn't persuade me to write this. I know that he will roll his eyes when he reads this, he will probably comment on something sarcastic, he will also experience the transfer of shame, but if we are soulmates, it does not necessarily mean that we have to think the same.  

He is a military personnel. Completely independent, disciplined, responsible. His mother gave birth to him like that, later he has worked on himself. He is a great father. Strict, though, but he adores our three descendants. He selflessly helps me with household chores and responsibilities around the children. In fact, I help him with household chores and responsibilities towards the children because my working hours are such, unlike his working hours, that I have only a few hours a day left that I can dedicate to the children, to him, to us.

Our beginning of the day consists of getting up early, preparing breakfast, going to the bakery, taking a shower, waking up the children, getting my daughter ready for school, he is getting ready for work, I am getting ready for work. Our end of the day is everything above mentioned, only in rewind mode.  

Our approach to parenting is aligned. There are no deviations from common views. Children need to know what can do, what may do, what should do, we instill in them good work ethics, we teach them good manners and discipline. There is no room for arrogant behaviour, rudeness and spoiled brats. 

For all these years of marriage, I will be lying if I say that I am the one who spends more time in the kitchen. He cooks great. He likes to surprise me with a freshly prepared hot meal when I arrive at the apartment around 6 pm after another working day.

Our home budget is a common budget. There is no my salary, your salary. Our salary. Every purchase, investment, procurement is preceded by an agreement. He likes to surprise the children and me from time to time with a gift on another occasions than birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other holidays designed to take money out of the masses’ pockets.  

We usually like to spend our time in the evening silence when the children fall asleep, watching a movie or series. Let’s face it, he and I love our kids, there’s no discussion about that. Simply, we both love silence and break. A break from stepping, pounding, running, squealing, screaming, singing, screaming.  

Our children have neither too much nor too little. They have our love, our tenderness, our attention, our support and the wind beneath their wings. And just as importantly, they have a wonderful dad. He is our shoulder to cry on, our stand-up comedian, our voice of conscience, our protector, our best friend and our head of the family.

Author: Mom Dada

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