Parental Viber groups

I don't know whether it's coming from a true aspiration and worry, or on command, to earn pay in a private sector when kindergartens aren't working, yet teachers have added us to a Viber group, and they're sending us "homework". Then each parent posts their homework in two or three photos and everybody congratulates and gives thanks to everyone else and hearts abound. Slowly, the amount of the fake homework increased, and after some time, it inspired parents to put forth their own ideas of possible ways to decorate Easter eggs, surroundings, animate the child and the whole family. Then came recommendations for music to accompany such activities, and to top it all, a host of links for downloading children's movies with translations. The race for the best suggestions was gaining impetus just as for the best done homework, and particularly for the best picture-ambiance for raising the child in the Easter spirit in time of Corona. At my cry that it's very hard for me to follow up the amount of messages, confusing me what's the task and what just interesting peculiarities, only the teacher felt herself called forth to explain that she only "sends inspirations". I still don't know what the purpose of that Viber group is, but I am reluctant to leave it or to ask that question. I am not working, and thus i suffer. Do other moms work?!?

I was still not working in March. Negotiations about the gifts to teachers for the Eight of March turned into agony for everyone, and probably the most for the instigator. After two weeks of sporadic suggestions, in the final 48 hours came better and better. The topmost was a bookstore 50 Euro coupon for a teacher who has four of her own children at home. Am I a bad mother because I've only now that I'm not working and my child goes to kindergarten, managed to read a shelf of books?!?

Obviously I am, since in the very Viber group, there are some parents with four kids, and they manage to read, "they give up a little TV and social networks", as they say, and they have time!Maybe everything's easier with more children?!? A granny from the countryside said there's no such fool as an educated. Maybe I am complicating, maybe too controlling...?! Is there still that show Wife Swap, to do me a favor and place me, a single mother that I am, among someone else's children, or to live as an apprentice for a week with another mom and her kids...? I left the Viber group, despite sensing there'll be repercussions. 

At first, I worked a lot. My unruly, lively, obstinate child was to go to a school trip for the first time, and a teacher's told us they'd call us when they started back. That day, in my office, I worked like never, and my private phone was hot from new messages by other parents since midday, where are they, how they are, why the teachers aren't responding, when they'll go back, does anyone know anything, then hi hi, ha ha. Maintaining concentration on my work was impossible, because my phone was blinking and I was worried I'll maybe miss something important. After a "funny" conclusion that the teacher should have been included in the group, I barely kept my cool and wrote back that he ought to look after our children, and not at his phone. That stopped the activity in the group. As I later found out, the teacher had lost sight of my son several times, whenever he was not holding his hand. 

Are we holding hands?

Author: Sne┼żana Libong Ngai

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