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Games with children, which are also an afternoon nap

After a full day of who knows what, you've come home. Eagerly, you are greeted by your greatest inspiration and joy, what gives you strength, the love of your life - your child. The happiness is mutual, but still, one factor isn't fair. Your child has much energy (particularly now, when you've arrived, at last) and you... You would really enjoy first laying down. Not to sleep, but jut a little... 

Luckily, millions of years of evolution have made parents a very cunning and crafty species. The parental arsenal now holds many games played with you lying down, silent, with eyes closed.  

"Thief": you pretend to be sleeping (it won't be cheating if you do drowse off for a minute) and the child is a thief entering the room to steal something, with the goal that you don't hear a sound. If you do hear it, the child needs to repeat the game. If you do not hear it, you get up and guess what the thief has stolen from the room. If you do not guess it in three tries, the thief wins. Anyway, the game needs to be played again.  

"Mountain and earthquake": You are a mountain, and the child needs to arrange a lot of small toys (ideally small figurines that should "stand") on your back and legs. At the critical moment, the mountain trembles - it's an earthquake! And we repeat... 

Games of "blind" guessing: You are cuddled beneath a blanket,and the child needs to feel and guess your body parts - you can task it with finding "pinky finger" and rest or nap, while it pronounces what it's found. Also a good game is "the sick" - you are very sick, can hardly speak, and the child is a doctor who needs to examine you... 

The global hit among parents is the game "What's on my back?" You lie on your stomach, comfortably and hope that the game will last long, and the child needs to place on your back (you can use any word you like) objects that you need to guess. You won't guess many, but that doesn't matter - it will be fun and relaxing. 

This, and some other recommended games, you'll find here, and you can think of your own. A lot that can be found on Games  – mosaics can be played on your back, hidden treasure can be hidden beside a "sleeping guardian"...

If you need to be alert, there are many games. Wrestling or dancing(with a boy or a girl, it doesn't matter) where you must be careful of both your own and the child's safety, are an excellent exercise and flex all the muscles. 

Important! If you have a very small child and you are alone with it, we do not recommend these games. You'll fall asleep. Otherwise, you shouldn't feel bad if you use these tricks to get some rest. Your conscience should be clear. The child also needs you to be mentally well, particularly when it is older. And you are not getting younger. 

Good luck. 

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