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The first day of school

That day came. A day that is equally important to both parents and children. Our firstborn, our sweetheart, our princess is starting her first grade. A few months ago, I often said to my husband: "Please don't let me post “First grade, first grade” and photos of the first day of school on social media when our princess starts first grade!” and I really tried to hold an intention.  

Anyway, the day before the first of September came, and a slight nervousness and parental concern whether and how the child will cope at school came along. Additionally, a question has arisen that bothers all women around the planet - what to wear. Considering that we are a relatively relaxed family of five, we decided for a casual variant for the three of us - first grader, dad and mom. Casual as a shirt and jeans, and for the princess leggings, a T-shirt, a sweater and an accessory for silky hair. Like I said, that day came, and we jumped in our outfits and headed to school with all the protective masks because... coronavirus.

We took a good strategic position to observe the environment, looking for a familiar face among other parents in the school yard. And suddenly, moms showed up. Moms in formal dresses, evening dresses so to speak. Fresh hair styled moms accompanied by their daughters, first graders, who were quite in tune with moms’ styling. But that was not the end! A local photographer rubbed his hands contentedly as moms on high heels waved in his direction asking him to photograph them. Joint photo, full face photo, full profile photo, photo on the steps, at the gate, at the entrance to the school...  

I tried to remember my first day of school. I have a vague memory (or at least I think it’s my memory) and maybe it’s a memory based on other people’s stories. I don't remember who brought me to school - mom or grandma. I don’t remember what wardrobe I was wearing. I don’t remember what wardrobe mom or grandma had. I don’t remember anything but the feeling that I wanted to go home as soon as possible and play with my friends. To run, to jump the rope, to explore nature and play in the sand. I don't have a photo of the first day of first grade.

At that moment, I looked at my husband and wanted to ask if we paid too little attention to this day. However, the grouping by classes has already started and they told us to follow the teacher so that we could get to know her as well as for her to introduce us to the obligations, responsibilities and rules. Welcome speech number one, welcome speech number two, welcome speech number three, distribution of gifts, statements for local media and photography of the first group of the first grade (because... coronavirus). And I was wondering if the princess and I should have been wearing tutu skirts...

As soon as conditions turned favourable, because my curiosity must be satisfied, I asked my husband about his point of view for this issue and he, as usual, waved his hand with the comment: "Oh, my God, don't be silly!" In our relationship he is a phlegmatic and I am a panicker, so I decided to listen to his advice at that moment and avoid thinking about nonsense.

As we drove back to our residential address and listened to the princess's impressions of - not the classroom, not the teacher, not the welcome speeches – but about the big purple balloon with white dots she received among the other gifts, I remembered that (alas!) we did not immortalize that day by our smartphones camera! What an extremity of parenting!  

My Ana doesn’t have a photo of the first day of first grade. In fact, there is a screenshot from the local newspaper portal. And the memory of a big purple balloon with white dots. Just enough for our memories’ treasury.

Author: Mom Dada

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