HOW TO... go shopping with a child with the least stress

If you go shopping with a child, you surely know how much stress it often involves. Even of itself, shopping can be fairly exhausting, and particularly if you are going to large stores where you can't skip the isles from which you need absolutely nothing. 

Of course, knowing that if they place in your way shelves with stuff you don't buy every day, you'll anyway surely stop to look what is on SALE, that exactly is the company policy of large shopping store chains, and so, although you may have left home to get just some necessities and groceries, and you return with two glasses or cups which were irresistible and on huge sale, and several more things which are probably far from being necessary or urgent. 

The main goal of shopping chains is just that, to sell you the most, and one of the ways is by placing all the stuff that is most attractive to kids in the parts of the stores through which you must pass, and at the height of children's eyes - impossible for them not to notice them. 

We've asked parents for advice on how to go shopping with a child with the least stress in the store.

Here are some advice they've given us: 

1) in the store take the large trolley into which you can seat your child and push it

2) bring something to drink and a snack (just to occupy it)

3) bring the favourite toy for the child to hold in its hands

4) agree before going into the store what you'll buy the child and what you will not

5) If the child is bigger and is not sitting in the trolley, let it push a smaller trolley and put in it things that it uses, for example tissues, water, toothpaste, food, fruit and whatnot. 

6) practice colours and numbers: pick three yellow lemmons and five red apples

7) practice observation, and let the child look for what needs to be bought: milk, yoghurt, etc.

8) let the child help you with placing stuff in your trolley, weighing fruit, let it hold a bag for fruit and vegetables

9) let the child place stuff from the trolley to the register, it may take a long time but not forever

10) let the child place groceries from the register in the trolley or into bags

11) it can help you carry the bags to the car

12) always carry a grocery list

13) if possible, avoid stores whose layout you don't know well enough to find what you need quickly and to avoid unnecessary shelves

14) if you can, every time you go shopping, buy the child something it asks for, a small toy or a sweet - it is important that you know that the child will expect you to buy it some-such every time, and that you don't accustom it to getting expensive toys during general grocery shopping, since it will want them every time. For buying larger and more expensive toys, wait for a special occasion, just so that it understands it's not something that is received every day. 

15) go shopping with the understanding that, with a child, it can't be a quick endeavor, however, if you are patient, it will be completed sooner than you've hoped. 

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