Cutting with scissors

A child as young as 5 can use scissors on their own, some children can be even younger. This means they can learn to hold them properly and cut along a curved line.

If the child is left-handed, get some scissors for left-handed people. They differ in the upper blade and are easier for left-handed children to use.

To make it easier for your child to understand how to use scissors, draw a smiley on his/her thumb and tell them that the smiley must always be looking them in the face.

Use the opportunity to teach your child about safety and tell them that if they are holding scissors in their hands, they should never walk or do anything else, and that they should not cut anything but paper with the scissors.

The child should always be supervised by a grown up when using scissors, until you are sure that he/she has mastered the skill and that they are able to be safe if left unsupervised. If there is more than one child involved in an activity with scissors, leave just one pair of scissors for them to use, making it easier to supervise their use.

Always buy age-appropriate scissors with a blunt tip.

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