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We are using cookies for the following purposes:

    • Statistics: the info is processed anonymously.
      This helps us determine which content the audience likes, so we can make more of such type of content.
      More info we have, the more quality content will be available.

    • Basic functionalities: helps us save your precious time.
      Save time by skipping language and role select and other preferences options.

    • Personalizing content: offers more content your might like, such as activities to read based on previously viewed activities.
      This includes using previously collected information about your interests to select content, processing data about what content was shown, how often it was shown, when and where it was shown.
      It's important to know that we do not store your activity info on our servers: cookies are stored in browser memory. Read more about cookies

  • Comercial purposes
    We don't want you to be annoyed by our sponsors' ads. With cookies accepted, you will see only ads that you might like, or even no ads at all.
    We don't charge for the knowledge presented on the website and ads help us make more queality content.

By creating profile on the website

What you will get:

    • Availabilty to save content
      With our "favourite activities" options, you will be able to save your favourite content and review it later

    • Be part of discussions
      Give your opinion on various themes covered by our activities

    • Save time
      Your site preferences (language, role) will be saved and configured automatically when logged in next time.


Privacy policy for the registration:

    • We will track your activity and process data anonymously.

    • Site preferences will be saved in the database, as a part of your profile options. This doesn't affect your privacy in any way.

  • We do not store any of sensitive data, such as id numbers. Anyway, you have to provide us some of the basic info: name, email and if loging via social network, profile id.

All text, images and other data on the website are owned by KidsAreBored and RAST Foundation.

All text (including), images and other data that you send to us as a part of contribution to the website, automatically become our ownership and we are free to use, edit or delete it.

All content on the website is filtered and we can delete any content that violates our editorial policy, without any warning.
None of content can be copied or used without our agreement. If you want to use any content from the website, please contact as via Contact page
We have fair intentions, and please you have so.