Sound boxes

You will need opaque plastic cups or boxes, cubes, and different other things that you already have. You will also need some Scotch Tape, paper and a handfuls each of different grains (rice, corn, beans, millet, whole walnuts or a few hazelnuts). If you want five rattles, you will need 10 cups, because you are making pairs.

Separate 5 cups and for each, use half a handful of a chosen grain. For instance, put half a handful of rice in the first cup, half a handful of corn in the second, and so on. Cover each cup with a thick piece of paper or cardboard and firmly close using the Scotch Tape. Do the same with the remaining 5 cups so that you end up with pairs.

The aim of the game is for the child to recognise, pair, the same rattles/sounds.